About Us

High Quality Research & Development

Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited is engaged in various research activities right from its incorporation. Major strength of the company lies in its self motivated research and in its sustained efforts in bringing out original scientific concepts. About 26 original concepts in various areas related to Information Technology have been developed so far. More than 200 research papers have been published till now in national and international journals and in various conference proceedings. More than 10 books have been published by the Scientists and Researchers of the company. Many graduate students (M.S and Ph.D) from many Indian universities have carried out research and thesis work in the company.

The company also offers corporate training in advanced topics to sponsored candidates from leading companies and institutions in India.

Significant Scientific Contributions

The future of our society depends on today's research. So our mission has been to make significant scientifc contributions to national security, medical diagonostics and academic community.


Society consists of sentients and insentients. Wellness of society is qualified by three fundamental parameters: (i) food, (ii) health and (iii) security. Governments are expected to fulfill these three requirements adequately and consistently. Due to various reasons governments are failing to maintain such expectations.

So, it is the responsibility of non-governmental organizations to pitch in, of course, with the help of governments to ensure food, health and security to society.