Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited

Better Technology Through Better Research

We help unlock pathways to new innovations

World class research and development

Projects of both commercial viability & national importance

Scientific Research

Client sponsored and self motivated research and in its sustained efforts in bringing out original scientific concepts.

Innovative Ideas

Adequate scientific and technical expertise to provide innovative product ideas for businesses.

Data Visualization and Processing

Powerful 2D & 3D data processing and visualization tools using advanced algorithms.

Health, Security and Academics

We help make populations healthier, communities safer and promote research oriented academics

Medical Research

Our reserch projects such as MedVision, aims to reveal latent information in medical images for accurate diagonosis.


Projects such as Crime Intelligence Support System (CISS), enables security agencies to ensure crime free zones and nations.

Training and Publications

We offer research training for academic scholars and students and have help publish more than 150 scientific papers in esteemed organizations such as IEEE, IET , ACM.